A Cycling Event of Epic Proportions

In Italian, a big ride is… a gran fondo.

Join us October 6th for one of Tennessee’s best gran fondos, in the grand Italian tradition.

You may choose to race against the clock for 60 miles, or you may choose to casually ride our beautiful routes of 60 or 35 miles. (Our poster may read 70 miles, but we have modified the routes for 2013, making it shorter, but tougher...) You can race as an individual with a USCF license or you can opt for the more playful “teams” competition.

Expect an epic, challenging course. Whether you’re a racer or a weekend rider, these gran fondos are a chance to ride some of the best roads in Middle Tennessee and celebrate your efforts with a meal and party at the finish. Ride against the clock, race as a team, or just ride on your own at your own pace. That’s the beauty of a gran fondo!


Race A Timed Event


Ride at Leisure

Ride against the clock or just enjoy the scenery -

it’s your choice. The only set requirement is having a perfect day on the bike.


Check out the tabs above for Details, Rules, Photos, Sponsors and Prizes!

$45 Individual till 09/31, $55 after