Check out our latest custom Mosaic

Posted on June 3, 2016. Posted in . Tagged as Featured Posts, New products

Custom titanium is always fun to build, but this time we got to play with the finish a bit. We also wanted to give the customer a really clean drive train to enhance the look of the bead blasted stripes on his frame.The SRAM Force 1X11 drive train not only delivered the desired look, but it kept the weight of the Mosaic down to 16.5 pounds! We also chose Martindale hand bulit alloy wheels and Challenge 27mm open tubular tire to keep this bike as smooth as possible.

The Mosaic RT2 .

Super clean graphics and lines

You can even have your nick name put on the top tube.

Taking off the front derailluer simplifies life and enhances the clean lines of the RT 2.

A happy Robert and his new bike.