Every Detail Is Exactly As You Wanted It

Posted on January 25, 2018. Posted in . Tagged as Featured Posts

At some point, your cycling obsession takes over and you just want one really fantastic bike. One that won't ever go out of style and it fits you like a glove. We get it. Really. That's why we offer Mosaic, Pegoretti, and Parlee bikes at Gran Fondo. These bands offer the pinnacle in hand built bike frames. Mosaic offers an extensive custom program in both titanium and steel frame sets for road, mountain, and adventure. Pegoretti offer both stainless steel and chromoly tubed frame sets in stock and custom builds and paint schemes. Parlee is one of the few custom carbon fabricators in America. The offer everything from custom and stock frame set to custom paint for your new road, triathlon, or all road bike. We keep examples on our floor to touch and feel, but remember these bikes are built for you, so there is a bit of a lead time to get your dream bike. Give us a call or stop by to start the process of getting exactly what you want.

The Parlee Z Zero in a waxed carbon finish.

The Pegoretti Duende

Mosaic Rt1 Disc custom paint and made to measure geometry

Waxed tubes and incredible joint work

Dario Pegoretti hand paints each frame. No two are exactly the same.

Every detail is covered

Parlee Altum Disc with custom paint

Clean brake cable routing. If you look closely, you can see the Mosaic logo "ghosted" into the down tube