New Bikeways, Gateway to the Country

Posted on January 27, 2014. Posted in . Tagged as Community, Rides

We are really excited about great bike paths just recently opened to give riders in West Nashville a low traffic, safe way to connect to some of our favorite loops in the country. If you have ever experienced the frustration of the rumble strips on Highway 100, the new Harpeth River Greenway is for you. This hidden gem gives you a way to the Natchez Trace, Poplar Creek, and on out to Fairview with out riding in traffic. We have been using it to start our group rides that head out over Poplar Creek and South Harpeth. You can use this route to Fairview and then drop down to Fernvale and Lieper's Fork. You can also connect to Old Hwy 96 and Big East Fork. These are much lower traffic and safer roads than Old Hillsboro and Old Natchez. One warning, you will find a couple of hills riding in this direction.

We lifted the above map from the Metro Parks website. The red dotted line is the newly-completed trail. This trail is a fun easy flat ride with no cars, and makes a great connector from Edwin Warner out to the country. Eventually this will connect you to the new mountain bike trails in Percy Warner. Anyone wanting to stay out of traffic should check this out. You can put together a loop using the greenway, Edwin Warner, and Percy Warner that will give you up to 27 miles of riding with out cars.

On Sunday our Gran Fondo group ride was joined by the small but fierce Team We. Everyone was pleased to not have to deal with the rumble strips on Highway 100 and the low key ride to Poplar Creek. You'll be amazed at some of the views of the Harpeth River the new trail affords. We also like the new bridge and riding through the woods under Highway 100.