New Eddy Merckx Women's Bikes!

Posted on February 10, 2016. Posted in . Tagged as Featured Posts, New products, Women on Bikes

We are so excited to get Eddy's new Milano 72 and Montreal 74 women's bikes at Gran Fondo Cycles. The Milano  72 and the Montreal 74 both preform equally well as endurance bikes and race bikes and pack just as much value as they do performance.The Milano is similar to the men's Sallanches 64, in that it works well as both a race bike or an endurance bike. Think of it as a fun do anything road bike. If you are thinking you will ride the Harpeth River Ride on Saturday and then try your luck at the Wednesday night crits, the Milano 72 will deliver on both occasions, with ease. The Milano 72 feature a super light weight medium modulus carbon fiber frame and fork with component choices from Shimano Tiagra $2000, 105 $2500, and Ultegra $3000. Our size medium 105 Milano 72 weighed just 16.5 pounds!

Are you ready for the Ultgera equipped Milano 72?

The Milano 72 105, in all of its glory.

Notice the custom blue accents on the Shimano wheels?

Like the men's Blockhaus, the Montreal 74 features am 1100gram alloy frame with a carbon fiber fork. This bike is just an incredible buy. It's the alloy bike that we have seen with FULL GROUPS ( brakes, chain, derailluers, shifters, and cranks) in Tiagra at $1500 or 105 at $2000. There are no generic parts on these bikes. The cockpit comes from Deda, the saddle is Prologo, the tires are Continental, and the wheels are Shimano. The result is a 19 pound Tiagra bike. That is lighter than most bike company's 105 mix carbon bikes at $2000. The Montreal 74 in 105 is lighter still at 18 pounds and it out performs many bikes at $500 more.

The Montreal 74 105 is an aluminum showstopper.

We love the clean gender neutral graphics.

This does not look like your typical Tiagra alloy bike.

The Montreal 74 is a performance bike, no matter which group you get it with.