Project bikes are always Fun.

Posted on February 14, 2017. Posted in . Tagged as Buyers Guides Events, Featured Posts, New products

Project bikes are always fun. We love to take a frame from a $1500-$2000 bike and show why it is such a great deal, this time we took on the Eddy Merckx Blockhaus 67. The Blockhaus frame is based on a 6069 alloy tube set that is triple butted and tapered. This results in a very light and stiff frame that yields a smooth yet spirited ride. Merckx even spends the extra money to give you a size specific carbon moncoque fork. The frame and fork together give  you a balanced and smooth ride like titanium, while still giving you the drive train stiffness of carbon fiber.The best part is that this high performance frame comes complete with Shimano Tiagra (19 pounds) $1500, 105 (18 pounds) $2000, and Ultegra (17.5) $2500. We decided to take one of these frame sets and build it up with some reasonable parts that you can ride everyday, but still see how light we could make it. The result is a 15.2 pound alloy bike with water bottle cages, 28mm tires,  and pedals! Our retail cost comes to $3800 complete, not cheap, but a great value, when you consider the ride quality, performance and weight. A similar carbon fiber bike would run $5000 or more.

This Merckx Blockhaus weighs an astounding 15.2 pounds with pedals and cages! The DT Swiss RR 21 Die Cut wheels really help to keep things light.

We chose a SRAM Force 1x11 drive train for its simplicity and light weight.

The Blockhaus has plenty of room for 28mm tires.