Thinking About SRAM Etap?

Posted on September 27, 2016. Posted in . Tagged as Featured Posts, New products

If you have been considering a digital drive train  and you own a bike that was made before digital drive trains came out, this could be your solution. The super clean, wireless digital shifting system from SRAM, not only works well, but it keeps you from having to run all of those messy cables on the outside of your frame. The titanium Foundry Chillkoot we used for our Etap build was built to be digital ready, but we thought the classic round tubes and removable cable stops helped to tell a nice story about the wireless setup.

Clean and classic

Notice anything missing?

The lack of cables give the Chillkoot/ Etap set up a great look. The hand built wheels with Onyx hubs make the bike fast.

Each derailluer has a rechargeable battery.

Don't try this at home.

We can't say it enough, its just a clean set up.