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We created this page of riding resources a few years ago, hence it doesn't quite match our new site. Please excuse the formatting and just focus on the information included; we hope this page can help you find more fun ways to enjoy your bicycle!

We've posted maps, cue sheets and links. We've been collecting these items for years, so we apologize up front that there is no standard format! We've included some of our favorite routes and have tried to group these by start locations. You may print your route sheet from directly below if interested. A lot of these were created before everyone had a Garmin or smart phone; you may want to check them over with your favorite mapping tool before use. If you have any issues, just remember what you paid for these.


Gran Fondo gran fondo Routes 2013

Double Click on the map below to expand the 36 mile route file for printing or saving. Click the link directly below for the 60 mile route. The routes begin from Fly's General Store; 5661 Leipers Creek Rd, Santa Fe, TN 38482.


Warner Parks Maps, including roads and trails

Percy Warner Park Map_Updated 2011927.pdf
Great Guide to Percy Warner Park
Edwin Warner Park Map_Updated 2011927.pdf
Great Guide to Edwin Warner Park

 3 Routes (12, 25 or 50 miles) from Gran Fondo

Starting place - Parking deck, front of store!
Address: 5133 Harding Road A-6, Nashville, TN  37205
Routes offered: 50 miles, 25 miles

A note on the 12, 25 and 50 mile routes just below - Starting and ending a route from the store limits us a bit on the "wow" factor of the ride. Please understand that we couldn't maximize the safety of the route and get you to a plethora of our favorite roads. Forgive us for keeping you on some of the standard routes. Celebrate the opportunity to ride with friends, and remember that even crappy riding in Nashville beats most other cities best stuff!! Promise to check out some of our loops from Leiper's Fork to see some of our most favorite supreme roads! There will be one store stop on the 50 mile route at the Shell Station, just after you pass the Trace at mile 36. 
Routes beginning from our store
50+ Route - Memorial Day
35 Mile Route - Memorial Day
12 OR 18 Mile Loop from the Stores

Rides beginning from Hillsboro Elementary, 5412 Pinewood Road, Franklin TN  37064 (Leiper's Fork)

Distances: 12, 32 and 62 mile routes
Start: Hillsboro Elementary School
5412 Pinewood Road, Franklin, TN  37064
The routes pass little country stores every 15 miles or so. Bring food in your jersey pockets and change or a crisp dollar bill to buy a drink on the porch if the store is closed. Some of these stores also have taps available. Mr. Fly's store is always open and is used for the stop halfway through the 32 mile route and at mile 43 of the 62 mile route. Route markings: We marked these routes in Sep 2012 - Some of the arrows are still there... Once you get started, you can follow the small fluorescent green arrows for your chosen route. If there is a chance that you would be confused, the marking may have a letter to confirm your chosen distance ( 12 mile is short or "S", 32 mile is medium or "M", 62 mile is Long or "L"). The 32 and 62 mile routes often share certain roads, so don't panic if you see markings across the way.
femme fondo.xls
Excel spreadsheet, routes
Femme Fondo 12.pdf
Map of 12 mile route
Femme Fondo 32.pdf
Map of 32 Mile Route
Femme Fondo 62.pdf
Map of 62 Mile Route
Approximately 70 Miles, Dog Creek 
Head south to Hickman County and explore a world of excellent roads south of Highway 7. Roll along some rippling backroads where you may not see a car for 5 miles at a time. Some of these roads are out of our gran fondo route, but we promise there is no dirt/chirt/gravel! If you love limestone bluffs and running along a creek in the shade, then you will love this. There are a couple of bumpy roads, but with a single file approach to enable you to choose your line, you will love them! Some of our roads to get you beyond Highway 7 are the familiar stuff, but the new stuff will be well worth the commute!
Approximately 36 Miles - Puppy  
The shorter route shares the same roads as the long route for the first 15 miles or so. As we approach Fly, Tn, the shorter route will head to a store stop and then cover the last 20 miles of the longer route for a total of 36 miles.
Iris City Gardens - Approximately 42 Miles - Celebrate spring and the Tennessee state flower with a tour to Iris City Gardens. This gem is not so far from our standard fare, but most people don't seem to know it exists. If you love limestone bluffs and running along a creek in the shade, then you will love these roads. There's also a lot of interesting animals along the way! Expect a bit of rough pavement and a little gravel on Caney Fork, but it is way rideable!

The routes below may be a little dated as we posted them a few years ago...

Routes Starting from Hillsboro Elementary, Leiper's Fork, TN

Routes Starting from Model Airplane Field

Theta_Climbing_Route_From_Hillsboro_School.xls We did this years ago to capture going up every side of one of the big hills around here, from every approach. No one ever seems to finish this one.
GF200KSpring.xls We love this route as it loops on and off the natchez trace parkway, way down south. It's got a great simplicity and you know that if you really get lost, you can just stay on the trace and get home at some point.
April 27 Route.xls Just the fun stuff that we ride on our days off...