Schedule your bike fit today!

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We feel that everyone should be as comfortable as their fitness allows. We start every new bike purchase with a bike fit and size evaluation. We adjust the saddle height, the stem length, handle bar height and even help you make a better saddle choice before you ever test ride one of our bikes! How else will you know that this bike will work for you? We strive to help you make your new bike purchase the best experience possible.

We do offer fitting services for bikes that were not purchased from Gran Fondo. This is a reservation only service that usually takes one to two hours. This is a comprehensive fit that begins with a full body assessment. BG Fit is centered around your body and how it moves and holds its self up. We evaluate your actual body movements, alignments, flexibility, strengths , and weaknesses. We can adjust for pelvic rotations, leg length differences, neck issues, hot feet, you name it, and we will do our best to accommodate it. If you want the most out of your riding experience, we recommend booking a fit with us. We will adjust your saddle height, bar height, reach, and a saddle that fits you. We stock a full array of stems, handle bars, seat posts, cleats, and saddles to accommodate your needs.

We are here to improve your comfort and performance. We can often improve your position to help accommodate an injury or sometimes even fix it. We have over 24 years of experience at fitting bikes to their riders and understanding their needs. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for more speed, a custom built bike, or trying to find a saddle that will let you ride longer than 25 miles, we can help.

Bike sizing with purchase of new bike: N/C

Bike fitting for existing bike: $125 per hour

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