Use The Biggest Tire That Fits

August 29, 2018 Posted by 0 thoughts on “Use The Biggest Tire That Fits”

It was popular convention that narrow tires filled with enough air to float the Hindenburg was faster. Luckily, science is proving that smoother riding, lower air pressure tires are faster. Gone are the days of running 120psi in a 23mm tire. Now a days we see most of customers running 25mm tires at 90psi or 28mm tires at 75 psi. We are even seeing the trend of using 32mm tires at 55-60 psi. With the new wider rims, it only makes sense to run a wider tire, it’s even more aero dynamic. Never mind that you are no longer rattling the teeth out of your head. Most pro bike racers run 25mm and 28mm tires and most new race bikes are being designed around a 30mm tire! We have a large selection of tires from Pirelli, Schwable, Michelin, Continental, Donnley, and WTB and we are happy to help you decide your tire selection and install them while you wait.