Wide Feet, No Problem

August 29, 2018 Posted by 0 thoughts on “Wide Feet, No Problem”

Cycling shoes just seem to run more narrow than other athletic shoes. It could be the rigid nature of the stiff soles or it could be the rigid nature of some shoe designers. Luckily, Louis Garneau and Sidi both make shoes to accommodate a wider foot. While Sidi chose to go ahead and make an E width shoe, Garneau has decided to take a slightly more innovative approach. They make a C width shoe but added “comfort zones” that expand on bot sides of the fore foot. These comfort zones help with wider feet and bunions.

These comfort zone shoes are available in several price points and both men’s and women’s models.

The men’s Platinum 2 and women’s Ruby 2 retail for $160.

The Sidi Mega has long been the best choice for a wide foot. This shoe is a full E width with true, high modulus carbon fiber soles.

Wiggle your toes and rejoice.