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Schedule A Bike Fit When You Schedule Your Tune Up

March 27, 2019 Posted by Buyers Guide Events, Featured Posts 0 thoughts on “Schedule A Bike Fit When You Schedule Your Tune Up”

Why not be comfortable and get the most out of your bike? It only makes sense to get a bike fit when you are getting your first of the season tune up. We will make sure that you are happy with your saddle, your handle bar reach and height, as well as your cleat alignment. Just call us to set a reservation for your tune up and fit. We try to do your fit on the day that you are dropping off your bike. We will have your tune up ready the next day and ready to pick up by 5:00. Plan on allowing ninety minutes for your fit. If you have been thinking about lower, easy hill climbing gears, this is also a great time to figure that out.

Winter Clothing Sale

January 10, 2019 Posted by Buyers Guide Events, Featured Posts, General 0 thoughts on “Winter Clothing Sale”

We have ALL of our winter clothing at 40% OFF. This includes, tights, warmers, shoe covers, winter gloves, long sleeve jerseys, jackets, and vests. Hurry while inventory is still good.

Simplify Your Cycling Computer

December 7, 2018 Posted by Buyers Guide Events, New Products 0 thoughts on “Simplify Your Cycling Computer”

Are you ready to get rid of your complicated, unreliable GPS computer? Meet the new Cateye Quick. The Quick is a very simple and accurate wireless computer. It comes with a very ingenious off the front mount, that is a breeze to install. We also love the easy to read screen and slim nature of the Quick. It literally disappears from your bike’s profile. $60 at Gran Fondo Cycles

We Stock Lots Of Shoes

September 20, 2018 Posted by Buyers Guide Events, Featured Posts, New Products 0 thoughts on “We Stock Lots Of Shoes”

We know how easy it is to buy a shoe on the internet. We also know how hard it is to get the proper fit, as well as, the proper cleat alignment on the internet. We stock lots of men’s and women’s shoes at Gran Fondo. We keep women’s size 37-43 in stock. We also keep men’s 41-49 in stock. We have narrow, medium, and wide fit shoes from Sidi, Fizik, Scott, Louis Garneau, and Mavic. We have the expertise to get you into the right shoe with your cleats in the right spot. Come check us out. Fair prices and real customer service.

A full selection of brands, fits, styles, and colors.

We love Fizik shoes for narrow to medium fit and their more classic styling.

Mavic and Scott feature narrow to medium fits. We really like the full reflective Scott Road Comp shoe.

These shoes from Louis Garneau and Fizik are perfect for trail riding or Spin class.

Yes, we have women’s shoes! We keep size 37-43 in stock.

More Women’s shoes from Fizik and Louis Garneau. We have narrow, medium, and wide fits.

Choosing the Best Smart Trainer

August 29, 2018 Posted by Buyers Guide Events, General 0 thoughts on “Choosing the Best Smart Trainer”

So you’re ready to buy a smart trainer, but perhaps are overwhelmed by the amount of choices. Direct Drive, Electric Braking, Ant+, Bluetooth Smart, One-Way vs. Two-Way: there are a ton of options, and finding what works best for you can be daunting. That is where your local bike shop is here to help. In this article we will help to explain some of the nuances of the different trainers, what these different features offer, and who they benefit most.

First, we will look at some of the different options for trainers on the market today. In this article we will be focusing on smart or interactive trainers, meaning those that can communicate with your home or cycling computer and display information such as speed, cadence, and power. There are two main protocols used to communicate this information: Bluetooth Smart and Ant+. Depending on what devices you wish to connect your smart trainer to will help to determine what trainer will work best for you. There are too many different scenarios to explain them all here, but you can come by the shop or call us to find out what trainer is compatible with your device. After figuring out what protocol will work best with your device, determining whether you want a one-way or two-way unit should come next. One way smart trainers will send your information (speed, cadence, power) out to a device such as a Garmin that will record your ride. A good example of this would be the Satori Smart Trainer from Tacx. A two-way smart trainer will not only send your data to a device, but can also receive information back from the unit and add variable resistance to the trainer accordingly. The Tacx Vortex and Bushido Smart Trainers are examples of two-way smart units. Two-way smart units are great when connected to various training apps such as Zwift and Trainer Road which have different courses pre-loaded that you can ride either in video form, or in the case of Zwift, more similar to a video game.

Another major factor in choosing a trainer is how the trainer provides resistance. All of the trainers that we stock use magnetic brakes to provide resistance. Generally speaking as the price of the unit goes up the max resistance of the unit will rise as well. This is important for our customers that are using trainers for race simulators , as some units may not be able to provide enough resistance to accurately replicate the workout they desire. The most advanced resistance units (Tacx Flux and Neo Smart) will be able to provide power to the wheel or cassette while coasting to provide real road feel when descending or riding flats. The next option to consider would be whether or not to go with a direct drive unit. Direct Drive Trainers mount a cassette directly to the unit instead of placing a roller against the rear wheel. This has the benefit of reducing wear on your tires and generally direct mount trainers give better road feel because they have higher resistance and less moving parts between the bike and the trainer, thus direct mount. The Tacx Neo Smart Trainer goes one step farther and will simulate road surface conditions to make climbing and descending feel more realistic and can replicate the road conditions of riding on cobblestones, sand, and mud.

You are probably saying about now, “This is great, but what trainer do I need?”. The simple answer is to come talk to us, but we will outline some generalities here that we hope will help. For someone who is not tech savvy, but wants to be able to record their workouts the Satori Smart Trainer is a great basic option with variable resistance that will allow the rider to record their workouts. Another great option would be to get a basic Tacx Blue Twist Trainer and a Garmin Cycling Computer. The Blue Twist is not an interactive trainer, but you can use most Garmin head units to connect with a desktop computer and get many of the same benefits of a one-way smart trainer with the additional benefit of a dedicated cycling computer, in the Garmin, that you can use year round. For the rider that wants a two-way trainer, but doesn’t want to break the bank the Tacx Vortex offers great real road riding experience at an amazing price. And finally for the serious rider who wants the most realistic indoor riding experience possible the Tacx Flux and Neo Smart Trainers are the way to go. Both offer over 2000 watts of resistance and a motor brake which provides the most realistic road feel imaginable from a trainer. We carry Tacx interactive trainers because they are compatible with most devices, offer models at many different price points, and they provide the most realistic road feel with the least amount of noise that we have found.

Riding indoors doesn’t have to be a drag anymore, and interactive trainers have opened up a plethora of options to keep you entertained. Stop by the shop today and let us help you pick out the best trainer for you

Custom Bikes At Gran Fondo

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At some point, your cycling obsession takes over and you just want one really fantastic bike. One that won’t ever go out of style and it fits you like a glove. We get it. Really. That’s why we offer Mosaic, Pegoretti, and Parlee bikes at Gran Fondo. These bands offer the pinnacle in hand built bike frames. Mosaic offers an extensive custom program in both titanium and steel frame sets for road, mountain, and adventure. Pegoretti offers both stainless steel and chromoly tubed frame sets in stock and custom builds and paint schemes. Parlee is one of the few custom carbon fabricators in America. They offer everything from custom and stock frame sest to custom paint for your new road, triathlon, or all road bike. We keep examples on our floor to touch and feel, but remember these bikes are built for you, so there is a bit of a lead time to get your dream bike. Give us a call or stop by to start the process of getting exactly what you want.


It’s time for an upgrade

May 17, 2018 Posted by Buyers Guide Events, Featured Posts, New Products 0 thoughts on “It’s time for an upgrade”

Are you thinking that is time to retire your current bike? Maybe you want to try disc brakes, electronic shifting, or custom titanium. We love to help riders get to their dream bike. Sometimes it is much more affordable than you think. We sell Parlee, Mosaic, Bianchi, and Scott. All of these brands have high end offerings from race bikes to endurance and gravel bikes. We are here to help you decide the best fit and where to spend your money where to not waste it.


Mosaic makes custom titanium and steel frames. If you can dream it, they can build and paint it. We include a full fit session at the beginning of the purchase process to insure proper fit. These bikes are simply amazing.


The Parlee Altum Disc is available in stock and custom builds, including custom paint. Every frame size has three different head tube heights, allowing us to give you a custom fit, with out you having to paying a custom price. The stock paint and build kit bikes start at $4000. Custom kits and paint start at $4800. The Altum is really a value when you think about it. Smooth, fast, and comfortable.

The Bianchi Oltre XR 3 CV is available in either disc or rim brake builds. This is one fast bike and the Counter Vail substructure absorbs up to 75% more road vibration than a standard carbon fiber frame. Starting at $3800.

The Scott Addict 10 Disc is a great upgrade over your first alloy bike. The carbon fiber frame will soak up the road chatter and be much stiffer for climbing hills. The Ultgera 8000 shifters are amazing and the disc brakes are predictable and allow for 32mm tires. $2800


The Parlee Chebacco is made for long days in the saddle that include mixed roads. It will clear up to a 45mm tire, so go ahead and sign up for Dirty Kanza. The Chebacco is available with all the same stock and custom features as the Altum.There is even a flat bar version. Starting at $4000

The Bianchi Aria is one fast bike. Available with 105 or Ultegra in rim and disc brake options. Buy the Aria if you love fast punchy rides or want to do triathlons without riding a tri bike. Starting at $2600