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Full Carbon Bike For $1250 !?!?!?!

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Check out the Scott Addict and Contessa Addict 30 for just $1250. You get a full carbon frame and fork in endurance geometry, a full Shimano Tiagra drive train, 28mm tires, and a weight of 17.5 pounds! We have just a few of these remarkable deals left, so act quickly. In case you were wondering, you still get one year of FREE brake and derailluer adjustments and a full bike fit, and 10% off any accessories with your purchase.

Gift Cards at Gran Fondo

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Yes, we have gift cards, in any denomination. We can also mail them to you, free of charge. Buy any gift card for $100 and get a free insulated bottle. Buy any gift card at $200 at get a free stainless travel mug. Our cards never expire and we keep track of them under the receiver’s name, just in case of loss. Give us a call or email and we will get the card sent to you.

Contact at: or 615-354-1090

We Have Lots Of Great Holiday Gift Ideas At Gran Fondo

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If you have a special cyclist needing a gift this holiday season and if you a more personal experience than online shopping, give us a try. We have a great selection of clothing, shoes, smart trainers, bikes, and accessories at Gran Fondo Cycles. We also generally know our customers and their tastes and sizes. We also have a no hassle return policy and you will get one on one service, the way it used to be.

We Have the Best Selection of Clothing

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We know how important a good bike fit is and that carries over to your kit, shoes, and helmet. We have a very carefully curated collection of clothing, shoes and helmets to give you the best fit and comfort possible. You can find Castelli, Sidi, Louis Garneau, Velocio, Mavic, Fizik, Scott, Kask, POC, De Feet, and Suomy at Gran Fondo. Most of our kits are unique to our store and are often available in a limited run.

Choosing the Best Smart Trainer

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So you’re ready to buy a smart trainer, but perhaps are overwhelmed by the amount of choices. Direct Drive, Electric Braking, Ant+, Bluetooth Smart, One-Way vs. Two-Way: there are a ton of options, and finding what works best for you can be daunting. That is where your local bike shop is here to help. In this article we will help to explain some of the nuances of the different trainers, what these different features offer, and who they benefit most.

First, we will look at some of the different options for trainers on the market today. In this article we will be focusing on smart or interactive trainers, meaning those that can communicate with your home or cycling computer and display information such as speed, cadence, and power. There are two main protocols used to communicate this information: Bluetooth Smart and Ant+. Depending on what devices you wish to connect your smart trainer to will help to determine what trainer will work best for you. There are too many different scenarios to explain them all here, but you can come by the shop or call us to find out what trainer is compatible with your device. After figuring out what protocol will work best with your device, determining whether you want a one-way or two-way unit should come next. One way smart trainers will send your information (speed, cadence, power) out to a device such as a Garmin that will record your ride. A good example of this would be the Satori Smart Trainer from Tacx. A two-way smart trainer will not only send your data to a device, but can also receive information back from the unit and add variable resistance to the trainer accordingly. The Tacx Vortex and Bushido Smart Trainers are examples of two-way smart units. Two-way smart units are great when connected to various training apps such as Zwift and Trainer Road which have different courses pre-loaded that you can ride either in video form, or in the case of Zwift, more similar to a video game.

Another major factor in choosing a trainer is how the trainer provides resistance. All of the trainers that we stock use magnetic brakes to provide resistance. Generally speaking as the price of the unit goes up the max resistance of the unit will rise as well. This is important for our customers that are using trainers for race simulators , as some units may not be able to provide enough resistance to accurately replicate the workout they desire. The most advanced resistance units (Tacx Flux and Neo Smart) will be able to provide power to the wheel or cassette while coasting to provide real road feel when descending or riding flats. The next option to consider would be whether or not to go with a direct drive unit. Direct Drive Trainers mount a cassette directly to the unit instead of placing a roller against the rear wheel. This has the benefit of reducing wear on your tires and generally direct mount trainers give better road feel because they have higher resistance and less moving parts between the bike and the trainer, thus direct mount. The Tacx Neo Smart Trainer goes one step farther and will simulate road surface conditions to make climbing and descending feel more realistic and can replicate the road conditions of riding on cobblestones, sand, and mud.

You are probably saying about now, “This is great, but what trainer do I need?”. The simple answer is to come talk to us, but we will outline some generalities here that we hope will help. For someone who is not tech savvy, but wants to be able to record their workouts the Satori Smart Trainer is a great basic option with variable resistance that will allow the rider to record their workouts. Another great option would be to get a basic Tacx Blue Twist Trainer and a Garmin Cycling Computer. The Blue Twist is not an interactive trainer, but you can use most Garmin head units to connect with a desktop computer and get many of the same benefits of a one-way smart trainer with the additional benefit of a dedicated cycling computer, in the Garmin, that you can use year round. For the rider that wants a two-way trainer, but doesn’t want to break the bank the Tacx Vortex offers great real road riding experience at an amazing price. And finally for the serious rider who wants the most realistic indoor riding experience possible the Tacx Flux and Neo Smart Trainers are the way to go. Both offer over 2000 watts of resistance and a motor brake which provides the most realistic road feel imaginable from a trainer. We carry Tacx interactive trainers because they are compatible with most devices, offer models at many different price points, and they provide the most realistic road feel with the least amount of noise that we have found.

Riding indoors doesn’t have to be a drag anymore, and interactive trainers have opened up a plethora of options to keep you entertained. Stop by the shop today and let us help you pick out the best trainer for you

Bike Rentals And Tours

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Are you visiting Nashville and want to get out for a road ride, but not sure where to go? Join MC2 Bike Tours for one of our single day tours.

If you’ve never done a fully supported tour, this is a great opportunity. Ride as much or as little of our route as you like, we are here to support your experience.


single Day tours include:

Premium Road Bicycle Rental (w/ Helmet & Clipless Pedals)
Pick-up & drop-off from downtown hotels
Marked routes & cue sheets
Full mechanical & sag support
Snacks & hydration during & post ride
What you’ll need to Provide:

Cycling fitness and the ability to ride 50 miles in around 3.5 hours
Arrive ready in cycling clothing (jersey & bibs/shorts)
Cycling shoes
Your bicycle size, fit coordinates, pedal system needs, and helmet size prior to your tour date. This enables us to have your bicycle set-up and ready to ride the day of the tour.
All tour pick-ups begin (from downtown Nashville) at 8:30am. Drop-offs conclude no later 2:30pm (6 hour trip duration).

Would you like to ride, but didn’t bring any of your gear? Problem solved with our MUSIC CITY CYCLING KIT. The MUSIC CITY CYCLING KIT includes our custom Castelli CORE jersey and bib shorts for you to keep, as well as cycling shoe rental to go with your bicycle.

Tour de Pull Tight Hill & Arrington Vineyards

52 miles (43 mile option) 2800 feet elevation gain

Tour Description: This tour features some of my favorite country roads and scenery. The route starts in Brentwood and winds it’s way South. After summiting the 2km climb on Pull Tight Road and taking a quick breath to enjoy the view, riders will meander their way to Arrington Vineyards to regroup. From there, riders can either make the 10 mile return to our starting point or end their ride and join us in the van.

This is a relatively challenging loop. Experienced cyclists will likely complete the entire route less than 3.5 hours. More challenged riders might need to plan on ending their day at Arrington Vineyards to allow the tour to make the 2:30pm drop-off.

tour de Natchez Trace & Leiper’s Fork

56 miles (43 mile option) with 3000 feet elevation gain

Tour Description: Featuring almost 25 miles on the Natchez Trace Parkway, this tour is the shining example of what makes road riding in our area so special. Rolling hills, fantastic scenery, and no commercial vehicles are staples of the Natchez Trace. After spending the first half our ride on the Natchez Trace, the route winds its way to the “hidden gem” community of Leiper’s Fork. From there, riders can either get back on the Trace for the final 10 miles or call it a day and join us in the van.

This is a relatively challenging loop. Experienced cyclist will likely complete the entire route in 3.5 hours. More challenged riders might need to plan on ending their day in Leiper’s Fork to allow the tour to make the 2:30pm drop-off.

For more information and bookings follow the link: